Women In Sport Photo Action Awards Exhibition

Central West is proud to showcase the Women In Sport Photo Action Awards Exhibition.

The #WISPAA Women in Sport Photo Action Awards were created to help change media and public perceptions and the portrayal of women in sport. It was triggered by an avalanche of images appearing in the media depicting elite sportswomen in smiling stationary poses, often with a ball under their arm or a bat over their shoulder. Where were the action images showing female athletes in flight, performing great feats and fearlessly fighting to succeed?

Women Sport Australia Director Louise Evans conceived #WISPAA to showcase the skill, strength and athleticism of Australia’s sportswomen in action. To engage both elite and grassroots photographers two categories were launched – one for professionals and one for amateurs. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of images submitted by hundreds of photographers around Australia.

Women Sport Australia, the peak national advocacy body fearlessly standing up for all women in all sport, is proud to present the #WISPAA Exhibition featuring the winners, runners-up and finalists. We welcome you to marvel at the intimidating level of power, courage, control and skill captured in these inspirational images.

As Olympic swimming champion Bronte Campbell said when #WISPAA was launched – female athletes are not fitness models – they are gladiators. #WISPAA is part of our mission to ensure Australian sportswomen are perceived and portrayed as gladiators of their sports.

ISPT said showcasing female athletes performing at their best resonated with the company’s mission. “We actively champion women in leadership roles throughout our industry and support inclusive and authentic representations of women in all roles,” an ISPT spokesperson said. “The #WISPAA exhibition aligns with ISPT’s work in helping create space and momentum for positive change.”

We invite you to explore the exhibition, on display from 16th – 30th September.

Located in front of Central West Butcher.